Road Trip 15: Vegas & Flagstaff

Road Trip 15 was initiated by a somewhat last-minute speaking opportunity, a personal need for invigoration, and a nearly yearlong hiatus since the last official road trip. Because I only had eight days, I mostly focused on “exegeting” two college ministry situations – in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Flagstaff, Arizona. The speaking opportunity (in Vegas) was really neat, as I helped church guys think through how they can better reach students. And I blogged the whole trip in a special way, too – not only posting what I was discovering, but also offering a few more insights into the adventure itself.

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While I still blogged plenty about what I learned (see all the blogs from this trip here), I tried to share more of the road trip “experience” during the week, too. Here are those posts:

ITINERARY (updated April 16th)

4 states: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada

total mileage driven: 2642 miles

Campus Visits

  1. University of Nevada – Las Vegas (UNLV), Paradise, NV
  2. College of Southern Nevada, North Las Vegas, NV
  3. University of Southern Nevada (soon to be Roseman University of Health Sciences), Henderson, NV
  4. Nevada State College, Henderson, NV
  5. Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ
  6. Coconino College, Flagstaff, AZ
  7. Clarendon College, Clarendon, TX

College Ministry Visits, Discussions, and more

  • Discussion with Director Mattie Goins, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, UNLV
  • Discussion with Director Steve Timmons, Christian Challenge, UNLV
  • Attended UNLV Christian Challenge large group meeting; Campus Crusade for Christ Albania staff members speaking
  • I delivered Seminars / Q&A for a gathering of pastors and college ministers, held at Southern Nevada Baptist Association. My talks discussed understanding today’s college students and developing a successful College Student Plan within a church.
  • Discussion with Director Jeremiah Kepner, Campus Crusade for Christ, Northern Arizona University
  • Attended NAU InterVarsity Christian Fellowship large group meeting; alumnus Eric speaking
  • Discussion with Director Tad Klein and student member Nakai, Vintage Christian Fellowship, Northern Arizona University
  • Discussion with Area Director (directly overseeing Young Life College) Jason Rinne, adult volunteer in Young Life College Phil Smith, Assistant Area Director (over Young Life high school ministry) Becky Jo Gunby, and college student leader (for the high school ministry) Matt, Flagstaff, AZ.
  • Discussion with staff member Tressa, Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, NAU
  • Discussion with State of Arizona Director and NAU ministry Director Ryan Ribelin, Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

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