Chapter Seven: The Triangle, NC

Wednesday, April 16 through Thursday, May 1

This was a quick-but-phenomenal time in one of the most “collegiate” areas of the country. After a neat conference with fellow college ministers, I explored as much as possible as the semester was ending…

To see the Blog posts about my NC Triangle explorations, click here.


  • Collegiate Ministry visits: 12
  • Church weekend services: 6
  • Additional church exploration: 1
  • Interviews / other ministry discussions: 13
  • Other explorations: 3
  • Total explorations: 35
  • Total campuses: 5

Campuses Visited

  • #104: Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Wake Forest)
  • #105: Duke University (Durham)
  • #106: University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
  • #107: North Carolina State University (Raleigh)
  • #108: North Carolina Central University (Durham)

Collegiate Ministry Visits

  • “College Encounter” Bible study, Chapel Hill Bible Church, Chapel Hill, Sun. 4-20, College Students & Young Adults minister Scott Vermillion speaking
  • “H20” College Bible study, Providence Baptist Church, Raleigh, Sun. 4-20, Director of Hospitality Ministry Nick Roark speaking
  • “Priority1” prayer & worship time, Campus Crusade at Duke University, Sun. 4-20
  • Revolution714 Bible study, college ministry of Bay Leaf Baptist Church, Raleigh, Wed. 4-23 (truncated visit)
  • “NavNite” large group meeting, Navigators at NC State, Wed. 4-23
  • Large group meeting, Baptist Campus Ministry at the University of North Carolina, Thurs. 4-24, various graduating seniors speaking
  • Large group meeting, InterVarsity at the University of North Carolina, Thurs. 4-24 (brief visit)
  • “Primetime” large group meeting, Campus Crusade at NC State, Thurs. 4-24, Lin Dawson, former pro football player and Chief Spiritual Officer, The Lin Dawson Organization, speaking
  • Sunday school, The Church of the Good Shepherd, Sun. 4-27, Director of College Ministry Sean Radke leading
  • Chapel, The College at Southeastern / Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, North American Mission Board president Geoff Hammond speaking
  • Monthly gathering of Evangelical Campus Ministries, UNC, Tues. 4-29 (brief visit)
  • “Big D” D-group Meeting, Providence Baptist Church College Ministry, Tues. 4-29, college ministry volunteer Pri Garach speaking

Church Visits

6 weekend worship services across those two weekends, along with…

  • Triangle Church, Chapel Hill, Wed. 4-30 service, various members speaking

Interviews & Other “Exploring” Activities

  • College Metro, a fellowship gathering & conference for lots of Southern Baptist college ministers, held at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC
  • Interview, Dave Owen, Associate Pastor of College & Evangelism; Chip Bugnar, Assistant Pastor of College; and Daniel Renstrom, College Director, Providence Baptist Church
  • Attended (in part) Professor Bart D. Ehrman’s New Testament class, University of North Carolina, 4-23
  • Interview, Chad Hood, College & Singles Minister, Bay Leaf Baptist Church
  • Interview, Mike Mehaffie, Campus Director, Campus Crusade at NC State
  • Interview, Sean Radke, Director of College Ministry, Church of the Good Shepherd
  • Interview, Justin Wright, Pastor, Campus Crossroads church at University of North Carolina
  • Presidential campaign event, Dean Smith Center, University of North Carolina, Senator Barack Obama speaking
  • Campus tour and ministry discussion, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary / The College at Southeastern
  • Interview, Will Spokes, Campus Minister, RUF, Duke University
  • Interview, Miles O’Neill, Director, Cornerstone (Campus Crusade) at University of North Carolina
  • Interview, Trevor Atwood, College Pastor, Summit Church
  • Interview, Alex Kirk, Team Leader, InterVarsity at University of North Carolina
  • Interview, Father Joe Vetter, Newman Catholic Student Center at Duke University
  • Ministry chat with Nathan Knight, Director of Student Development, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Interview, Lee Sullens, Director, Baptist Campus Ministry, University of North Carolina


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