Chapter Two: Chicagoland Explored

Wednesday, August 29 (generally) through Sunday, September 30

After the New Student Orientations, I got all kinds of time in the Chicago area – and there was plenty to see!

If you want even MORE Chicago info, there’s some in the Chapter 1 Itinerary (when I was exploring New Student Orientations) and in Chapter 8 (when I headed back through the Midwest).


  • Collegiate Ministry visits: 27
  • Church weekend services: 16
  • Other church visits: 1
  • Interviews & ministry discussions: 16
  • Other explorations: 6
  • Total explorations: 66
  • Total campuses: 11


Collegiate Ministry Visits

Church Visits

16 weekend worship services, plus…

  • Midwest Anglican Awakening, Wheaton, IL (held at Wheaton College), 9-23: Archbishop Peter Akinola

Interviews & Other “Explorations”


Interchapter: Chicago to Boston (by way of Atlanta)
10-1 through 10-12 at Catalyst Conference, Va. Tech, and more