Chapter One: New Student Orientations

Saturday, August 18 through Tuesday, August 28 (Chicagoland)

This week-and-a-half was spent visiting New Student Orientation activities at 5 Christian colleges. I definitely spent some time in my campus visits that isn’t detail below, but you’ll see the major events here.

For the major exploration of Chicago-area college ministry, see the Chapter 2 itinerary. Plus, I made it back to the Chicago area later in the trip, during Chapter 8, as I zig-zagged through the Midwest.


  • Orientation activities: 10
  • Total campuses: 5

Campuses visited

Church Visits info in the next Chapter

Orientation Activities (in order)


Chapter Two: Chicagoland Explored
8-29ish through 10-1 exploring collegiate ministry in the Chicago area



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