Prepare for the College Ministers Cohort!

Over the past week, I’ve been highlighting important ways we can

  • enjoy the College Ministers Cohort,
  • help advance the field of College Ministry while we’re there,
  • and make connections that last far beyond this week!

If you’re willing to take the time, take a look at these before the Cohort:

Our Heroes (Part 1): Some of the groups that you’ll want to pay special attention to at Catalyst

Our Heroes (Part 2): More groups that are playing a VERY special role with the Cohort

Advancing our Field (Intro): How you can advance our field… throughout the Catalyst Conference

Advancing our Field: Asking Catalytic Questions

Advancing our Field: Delineating the Arenas

Advancing our Field: Building Bridges

Finding a Sister Campus or Sister Ministry (Part 1, Part 2): an awesome method to consider as you meet college ministers from across the country this week!

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