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Breadth really matters.

If you’re going to help people in a variety of contexts, then it’s important that you’ve explored a variety of contexts. It’s not always enough to have years of experience; while that provides one kind of wisdom, it can be tricky to apply wisdom from one college ministry context to another. Fortunately, I not only have years of direct ministry experience, but I’ve gotten to learn about college ministry work in a HUGE number of contexts.

My goal is always to help our field be stronger. So of course, that means I would be excited to help your ministry be stronger.

If I can serve you, let me know!

For College Ministers or College Ministry Orgs

Speaking for College Ministers, Student Leaders, or other students

I’m dedicated to giving you exactly what you’re asking for – “scratching where you itch.” And with the breadth of what I’ve seen, I’m able to speak about whatever topics fit your event best. Ask me about the unique options – including “whiteboard sessions” of facilitated collaboration.

(And if I can help you plan a gathering, let me know – I’ve seen a whole bunch of gatherings, so I can help think through bonus ways to impact and inspire.)

Conference “Consulting”

Organizing a college ministry gathering? Want to provide your people with a unique chance to get exactly what they came for? Whether I’m speaking at your conference or not, I can provide one-on-one (or one-on-team) sessions to discuss whatever

Site Visit

I’ve seen hundreds of college ministries in action… why not one more? Seriously, if I can help by coming to your campus, checking things out, and having lots of wonky college ministry discussions, let’s talk about it. (More on this here.)

For Church Leaders or Church Planters

I’m passionate about helping churches figure out their opportunity with college students. And I start with what you’ve got, not what you don’t.

In fact, I don’t even believe every church needs a full-fledged “college ministry” – but if you’re reading this, you probably at least need a College Student Plan. So whether your aim is for something huge or just something, I’d love to help with that.

I’ve had very cool chances to consult with various churches’ college ministries, speak to groups of church planters or regional denominational leaders, and cast a vision for college ministry with pastors.

I’m committed to providing what you need. So let me know how I can serve you (so you don’t have to travel the country to figure this thing out).

What else?

If you don’t fit neatly into the above categories but could still use a guy who’s explored college ministry like nobody else, let me know.



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