Team Blogging: why use me as Editor?

I can’t imagine anything more fun than helping put together a perpetual training resource for a college ministry network. If I can help your network set up and run a Team Blog, I’d love to.

Here’s what I bring to the table:

  • Experience: I have blogged about College Ministry for three years, including keeping a nearly daily schedule since September 2008.
  • Expertise: I have spent 11 years in College Ministry, but the last 3 have been spent exploring college ministries across the United States. This has provided a very helpful understanding of what is actually taking place, as well as a recognition of the biggest needs of college ministers themselves.
  • Connections: If you chose to make use of “guest posts” for your Team Blog, I would love to introduce your readers to some of the 400 or 500 college ministers I’ve personally connected with since 2007. But even within your network, I probably already know several of your ministers – and have a knack for getting to know others. There’s lots of college ministry wisdom out there, and I can help you find it.
  • Writing: If you are open to “guest posts,” I’d be glad to occasionally write anything that might help your network. (Or if you prefer, we’ll keep the writers to just those within your network – it’s your choice!)

So what exactly would I do as your Team Blog Editor?

  • Solicit and schedule blog posts. My main job will be contacting authors, receiving submissions, and keeping deadlines.
  • Help establish topics / themes. Part of the fun of a Team Blog is figuring out what your network needs most. I will make sure I fully understand their desires for this blog, as well as what your college ministers need and want most. That way, I can help decide the day-to-day topics and larger series that will be incorporated into the blog.
  • Editing. While the general content will be up to the individual authors, I’ll make sure to read each post before it goes public. Not only can I catch basic errors, but I’ll also be watchful for any content that might not fit the network’s best interests. As always, your network’s leaders will have final say!
  • Considering improvement and readership. I’ll also work to make the blog successful, including both advertising it (on my own) and also suggesting ways for the network to increase participation in the blog. Over time, your Team Blog can get better and better!

If I can help you put this together, I’d love to do it. The charge for my work would simply be a small monthly stipend, based on the number of posts per week. As with anything that costs, I know that’s a “step of faith.” But I can assure you that the result will be well worth it for your college ministers – and both cheaper and more powerful than a lot of “classic” training methods.

Interested? Have questions? Want tips on doing this yourself? All my contact info can be found here. And if the Team Blog thing doesn’t fit but you’d like to use me in other ways, here are some other options.

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