something new, with patience


Whether you’ve been reading for awhile or just stumbled upon this blog, I wanted to share an exciting new chapter in this blog.

Over the next couple of months, I plan on pursuing a long-awaited “reboot” of the Exploring College Ministry blog. It will be weird taking that much time off, after spending the last ELEVEN years blogging about campus ministry at least a few times a week (and often nearly every day). But it will be good for me to pause before rebooting – a “sabbatical” of sorts to make sure I’ve prayed through and thought through all the aspects of the rebooted blogs.

I’ll send you more information about what’s coming and how YOU can potentially take part – especially to those who have subscribed to the blog. (So if you’re reading this on the blog itself, be sure to subscribe in the top left corner.)

I’ll miss this for the moment, just like you miss your students when they’re gone for the summer. But we’ll all be back together for the new semester!

Thanks for reading, friends. I think what comes next will be even better!

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