send a quick note about a summer adventure (a fridea)

This Fridea was first posted way back, but it’s the perfect way to start the summer.

Some of your students – most of them, I’d imagine – will have more discretionary time this summer than they usually do. That might not apply to those spending time abroad, those working at a camp or other ministry, or those in a hard-core internship.

But surely you’ve got some students simply going home, or working a casual summer job, or taking a few classes here and there.

For that more time-blessed crew, the hope – as their college minister – is that they’d spend that time intentionally and productively, right? And that’s where this week’s Fridea comes in, even if it only applies to a handful of your students:

Call students to undertake a specific “personal growth project” this summer.

Right now, it’s likely even your most spiritually mature students have only a hazy plan for growing this summer. What if you urged them make it concrete ASAP, and to get started ASAP? And if you have time, what if you or your staff members even offered to provide accountability and coaching this summer? This “growth adventure” could include a wide variety of things like:

  • Reading a certain number of books (maybe on one particular topic the student hopes to grow in)
  • Deeply studying a book of the Bible
  • Purposely working through better understanding their strengths, gifts, and personality
  • (Re)connecting with old friends to share the Gospel
  • Discipling someone (like a kid at their home church)
  • Learning and practicing the spiritual disciplines
  • …and whatever else, through prayer, a student can come up with.

Can you imagine the impact on students and on your ministry, even if only a handful of students diligently did this? And really, wouldn’t it be pretty fun to check in on students who are actually doing this thing? And wouldn’t they have some great testimonies when they came back?

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