are you building draft-ready players?

If churches all over the country held a draft of potential leaders as students graduate from college, how early would your college students be drafted?

Or if churches “hit the recruiting trail” (like college coaches do when recruiting high school athletes), would church leaders plead with your students to join their church?

If college ministers don’t assess their ministries by how well students will thrive in churches after college – and how much churches will thrive because these former students are there – then something is missing. Those college ministers have lost the plot. Because it’s all a hand-off, right? What happens in college is powerful within those few years, but the huge majority of the fruit should come afterwards, in the several decades of harvest after age 22.

So could your students be more “draft ready”? Will they immediately present usefulness at any church they choose? Sure, someone also needs to tell those churches to use their young adults. But that exhortation will mean even more if the usefulness of your graduates is obvious.

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