the leader re-interview

Forgive my lack of blogging most of last week – our annual church conference always plays with my schedule. I’m back in action!

When is the last time you reassigned a leader because they – or you – realized their strengths could be used even better somewhere else?

Students’ short tenure inside a college ministry means that discovering their “best and highest use” and deploying there becomes all the more urgent. It’s better for your ministry and each collegian if they plug in exactly where their gifts can best help – even if it means a mid-season shift or shifting away from something else that needs to get accomplished.

That’s why the subject line mentions “re-interviewing”: What if it was common practice to check in after a few months of leadership, with one purpose being brainstorming deployment elsewhere?

Of course most students wouldn’t end up moving (though I bet it would be more than you think). And when they did, you’d see them and your college ministry flourish. When students only have three or four years in the powerful leadership incubator of campus ministry, getting to the best possible “seat on the bus” makes all the difference.

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