interviewing with an eye to discipleship

Depending on your ministry’s rhythms, it’s likely you’re determining student leaders for next year: for small groups, for ministry teams, maybe for other arenas too.

I hope, among other evaluations, you (or current student leaders) hold interviews with these guys and gals.

Why? Because recruiting leaders is, ultimately, a really great excuse for additional disciplemaking. You get the chance to disciple not only your upcoming student leaders, but even those who won’t be selected. And face-to-face provides the best chance to disciple these students, if you’ll take the time to do it.

Once you do, if that theme – disciplemaking – stays at the forefront of your mind, the interview will look a certain way, too. You won’t only have questions/discussions aimed at determining Yes or No (regarding a leadership role). You’ll include questions, discussions, and maybe even feedback that aim to push the student further with the Lord and in ministry.

This may be a time to share strengths and weaknesses you’ve seen. This may be a time to ask questions they’re not usually asked. This may be a time to celebrate ways they’ve been growing – and highlight ways they could. This discipleship doesn’t just come through direct feedback (though you certainly should provide direct feedback during this time), but also by asking great questions – even questions that make the student squirm, with a lingering silence that you refuse to fill so the student realizes they should be able to fill it.

If your goal with just about any student meeting isn’t (first) disciple, then pursue all other aims, it should be. And student leader interviews offer some of the best possible chances to do that  – with students who see themselves as invested in your college ministry, aspire to be leaders, and have a special motivation to pay attention.

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