discussing biblical activism

It’s easy to miss teachable moments related to current events, especially because some college campuses feel pretty insulated from what’s happening “outside.” (Students will always have a range of focus on current events, from the deeply engaged to the highly ignorant.)

But one issue I think it would be a mistake to miss is the activism of younger kids (including some that your students were in high school with) around the issue of gun control. With Millennials certainly interested in “creating change” and the generation behind them not seeming to let up on that ideal, when’s the last time you talked about a biblical approach to activism?

It’s this kind of topic that, at the very least, reminds students that a biblical lens must be applied to everything – even topics that, to some, may feel “obvious.” But in some cases, this would be the sort of discussion that could draw students from across campus. And done well, it could provide a winsome opportunity to engage a campus – who might be surprised to find that the Bible wouldn’t simply take a “conservative” or “Republican” stance… and would actually inspire really great activism when it’s called for.

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