i hope you point to the fields

Hope you had an awesome Spring Break, if that’s what you were doing last week.

I hope you point to the fields.

In all your dealings with supporters, parents of students, church congregations, overseers/bosses, former students, and others you share your ministry with… don’t forget to point to the awesome nature of collegiate ministry work – not simply what you’re doing on your campus.

Weekends like this one – in a wild NCAA Tournament – surely encourage us about the many wonderful places that have an outpost of truth. Colleges that most people have never heard of – like University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and Loyola University Chicago – are now front-page news. And simply the excitement of all of this (as I wrote last week) reminds us of the amazing nature of what you get to do – and especially where you get to do it.

I hope you’re encouraged, even by things like this Tournament. Don’t forget to encourage others about the amazing field of college ministry.

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