la tech, stony brook, & stanford: super bowl 52 and college ministry’s opportunity

In years past, I’ve noted that events like the annual Super Bowl do a great job of highly publicizing the opportunity available by ministering to college students. (So, for instance, it’s a great time to remind your fundraisers or overseers of that fact.)

Helpfully, SB Nation has a great article on the college represented in this year’s Super Bowl. The article even notes that the schools themselves are making these connections (even if college ministers don’t!):

Colleges care about this stuff even more than fans do. Take a look at your school’s social media accounts over the next two weeks (and maybe even already), and you’ll see graphics congratulating each alum who’s headed to Minnesota.

Stanford leads the way with 5 players represented on the two teams’ rosters, and it’s no surprise that Florida State, Michigan, Georgia, and other big name, big-sized schools have a few. But other schools illustrate the potential of college ministry to impact leaders even at “lesser known” institutions… like University of Findlay (in Ohio) and Shepherd University (in West Virginia). See them all here.

The students you impact will go on to something, whether it’s a Super Bowl or building great buildings or politics or being fantastic parents. The Super Bowl is just one great reminder of how far your impact will go.

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