they’ve got time

College ministers are around young adult ministry (or general “singles ministry”) enough to hear the occasional exhortation that singles see their current season as a gift – and make use of their singleness to accomplish ministry and adventures that they wouldn’t/won’t in marriage.

But I’m not sure if that teaching begins in the college years often enough.

Even twenty years ago, when it was more common for folks to jump from college to marriage (and thus have only a brief season of “expendable time”), I don’t remember hearing the “use this wide open season” line often (if at all). Nowadays there may be (for many) a greater number of years to “use their singleness,” but it still makes sense for college students to comprehend that time maximization begins today.

Exit Q: As your students’ primary shepherd, are you comfortable being held accountable for how they currently steward their “free time” – both hours one week and months (Christmas, summer) in the year?

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