where could you plant… THIS semester?

The many “unreached” and under-reached campus tribes are on my mind this morning.

Is there one near you?

Maybe it’s a community college that feeds into your big state school. A smaller school that’s always overshadowed by ten others in your metropolitan area. A tech school, or art institute. Whatever it is, there’s likely one near you.

It’s not easy, and it’s certainly not a glamorous place to do missions. (But that’s a big part of why it’s under-reached, sadly.) And yet you have a college ministry with students who might just love a mission like that, who might join you as your college ministry “adopts” that campus. Maybe you’re already sending mission trips out, far far away. But why not establish a mission – or help a fledgling mission – nearer to home, and nearer to the type of mission you’re already directing?

Where could you plant a campus mission? This semester?

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