taking recruiting seriously #4: a fridea

Tying into our series on college ministries “Taking Recruiting Seriously,” here’s a Fridea from former times. Not only does it practically take recruiting seriously by providing tools, it also emphasizes to students how important this opportunity is.

We all know that word-of-mouth is generally the best way to advertise your college ministry.

So one of the best investments you can make is catalyzing word-of-mouth for your students. You can help them do this. And providing them something to hand out is one of the easiest ways.

What if your ministry’s “members” were equipped with something – like a small card – that makes it easy to spread the word? Whether it’s about your regular Large Group Meeting or (even better) your parties, service projects, or other events, a little info card could go a long way.

There may be other great ways to do this – so be creative! But with cards in their pocket, students will be more likely to strike up conversations to that end… and then they’ll have something easy to offer at conversation’s end.

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