taking recruiting seriously, part 3: reasons for the invitation

Another key part of taking campus ministry recruiting seriously is being prepared to give reasons someone should participate!

Sure, many student-to-student invitations begin casually. A reason isn’t expected – just an invite. But very quickly reasons become important: Why should this person check out the college ministry? Why would they decide to jump in long-term?

But those reasons won’t be forthcoming from your students (or your staff) if they haven’t been considered before those conversations – whether invitations happen in class, in a residence hall, from the stage (encouraging visitors to stick around), at an organization fair, or somewhere else.

Meanwhile, thinking through reasons for participation also requires something important: thinking about our audience. If I have to back up my basic invitation with a couple of “benefits,” I’m suddenly going to be much more attentive to the Whom that I’m inviting. And my invitation nearly automatically becomes more “tailored,” doesn’t it, honoring the person across from me by tying my invitation to their wants, needs, and concerns.

And caring about our audience? That’s a vital part of taking recruiting seriously.

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