taking recruiting seriously, part 1

I hope your energy toward recruiting students wasn’t all spent in August/September. The dawning of the spring semester is always a great time to be purposeful in this realm. Plenty of students didn’t find their way into a ministry (or into a ministry that fits them well) in the first round, and they shouldn’t have to wait seven months for an invitation to community and impact.

That being said, I thought I’d spend some days on taking recruiting seriously, whenever you’re asking students (and yourself) to participate. And it begins where we might imagine:

We take recruiting seriously by casting a vision for its seriousness.

That notion might feel a little circular, but it doesn’t come naturally: How often have you shared with students the power and possibilities of that simple invitation to your college ministry? Instead, everyone knows it’s “good” and wants to do it if they like the college ministry. So why cast the vision?

But what a vision you could cast! How many spiritual testimonies – not only of collegians, but of sixty-year-olds – contain the line, “A friend invited me to this college ministry meeting…”? (I just heard something like that from James Emery White last week, regarding InterVarsity!) Your students have the chance to intersect with someone’s “destiny” simply by offering this invite.

And on and on.

If the ministry is walking through Romans this semester – what an opportunity ahead for the person who sits next to you in Biology class. Look at the calendar coming up: What fun a student could find, and without drinking or drugs or sex! What a community they might find in these doors! They might begin to see where their natural talents connect with God’s Kingdom, leading to fulfillment as they use their hands in the very ways they were made to do. God might have a spouse in store for them, a disciplemaking relationship in store for them, and a chance to know Jesus for the first time… or to know Him so much better.

Are your students filled with awe at their opportunity to invite people to your college ministry? They should be. It’s serious business.

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