just being around them

I was telling someone this week about an experience in college. My pastor – of our church, not the college ministry – spent a good amount of time with students. For instance, I fondly remember a Wednesday night Bible study walking through one of his favorite books, The Green Letters. He also invited a handful of guys who were planning on “vocational ministry” (or just considering it, as I was) for early morning donuts and discussion about that sort of calling.

This morning, our church staff gets a visit from James Emery White, to hear from him in a smallish setting before heading out on our annual staff retreat.

They’re the same kind of opportunity – though I’m far from collegiate myself these days. But it’s something all college ministers should consider: How can I get my students around senior pastors and other leaders? Even if it’s casual, or feels “off topic” to whatever else you’re doing, or it’s not someone famous, or it’s awkward for the leader or the students or both.

For some, it will be memorable. It might just mean something 20 years later, in fact.

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