getting church involvement down

As I continue placing (small) pebbles in your shoe, hoping to give you something to think about as the new semester approaches…

I want to ask: Have your students caught your vision for church involvement?

College ministers – just like all other Christians – can differ on what “biblical church involvement” looks like. But I don’t know if I’ve ever encountered a college minister who says they’re not hoping for students to be intentionally involved in church. For some college ministers, their conviction is that students simply need to show up on Sunday (and participate in corporate worship). For others, a much deeper level of church engagement seems prescribed. And I’m sure plenty fall in between the poles.

But my question today is… Whatever your conviction for your students is, is the flock you’ve got responding to that conviction?

If they’re not… or you’re not sure… then something probably needs to be done (either to make that call clearer, find out why they’re not engaging, or figure out how to figure that out).

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