the one problem your college ministry could solve

Happy New Year! I’m excited to be back blogging – and back to offering some “pebbles in your shoe,” some ponderings to bug you as you consider this coming semester.

Is there one problem your campus faces that your college ministry could work on this semester?

Imagine sitting down with your school’s President, Dean, somebody, and offering to help. Not from a “savior” mentality but as a servant, a servant of the campus tribe where your ministry resides.

You may already know of an issue that would be worth tackling. Or maybe you don’t, and you need to ask the question. Even asking the question shows something to the leaders of your campus. Who knows? Your students might find a solution that impacts an entire segment of campus or even the whole school. Or even if they don’t, your effort is a powerful gesture of servanthood, an amazing way to disciple those students who help make the attempt, and an awesome testimony of missional engagement to your entire campus ministry (and beyond).

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