#metoo discussed at the U

Since you’re likely either done with the semester/quarter or about to be, I thought I’d offer a week of very brief “pebbles in your shoes.” Take or leave these ideas, but maybe they’ll provide some good pondering over Christmas dinners and some good fleshing-out on the drive to grandma’s.

Today’s notion? How has your college ministry addressed Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore, the #MeToo movement, etc.?

It seems like Christians should be on the frontlines of processing this gigantic cultural event (and responding). And that means college ministries have a huge opportunity to guide students through the various aspects of this – especially because they relate to the hookup culture faced by plenty of collegians.

Whether it’s a whole message series addressing the “teachable moments” of this whole sordid affair, a few blog posts, a special all-campus seminar, or something else, there’s opportunity here to disciple. Christians understand the WHY behind these things – both the sins and the responses – better than the watching world. Are you sharing?

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