growth challenge for Christmas break (a fridea)

Have you considered issuing a Growth Challenge for your students across Christmas break?

You could, of course, share ONE challenge with everyone – there’s value in unified movement. But there can be value in options, too – and in the varied stories that come out.

So if you’re looking for a list to present to students, here’s a start. (Where possible, though, I’d include a heavy dose of items that either reinforce learnings from this semester or prepare for upcoming messages/efforts/growth.)

  • Meet with a mentor for four weeks
  • Read a Christian leadership book (or give them a specific book, or book list)
  • Read a book of the Bible each week
  • Read a book of the Bible each day
  • Have a spiritual conversation with an unsaved high school friend
  • Have a spiritual conversation with a parent (whether they’re a believer or not)
  • Visit three places in your hometown where “God did something” (even if you weren’t a believer at the time)
  • Memorize your testimony
  • Memorize a basic gospel presentation
  • Pray for a full 30-minute stretch, at least once a week
  • Fast for at least one day
  • Take a 24-hour “time alone with the Lord”
  • Have lunch with / have a phone conversation with at least 3 members of your small group
  • Revisit (through notes, audio, Bible passages, whatever) the Large Group Meeting messages from first semester
  • Pray for five roommates/dormmates/classmates/professors that seem far from the Lord each day (the same five people all break long)
  • Pray about any volunteer or leadership role you should take next semester

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