confronting the inside

When you confront student leaders, how often do you push them on behavior, and how often do you push them on character?

That question immediately suggests a few tangents…

  • Do you intentionally and diligently seek to shape your student leaders? I hope so.
  • How often do you confront student leaders about sin? This should probably be a pretty regular occurrence, depending on your numbers.
  • Are you more likely to confront about a specific behavior than to point out patterns? That’s the point of my question above.

Certainly, confronting sin often means saying only, “I noticed you did this action.” It’s about a behavior. It’s straightforward and simple. And the person can deal with the Lord on any deeper issues connected to that behavior.

But I wonder if sometimes ministers are tempted to stop there. Maybe that’s a personality thing; it’s certainly possible that some people prefer never to point out individual behaviors, only “lowering the boom” when a pattern is suspected. That’s not a great balance, either.

But some shepherds only point out individual behaviors, never quite willing to discuss the patterns and the character flaws they’ve noticed while working with this person. Yet it’s there, in the underneath, in the heart, that God’s greater concern lies. These students’ opportunity for abundant life, future ministry, great marriages, life-giving friendships, raising up a next generation, and God-glorification all hinge on what’s inside.

Are you confronting enough about the inside?

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