connect when they come in

A ministry pal is coming to town today, and though I couldn’t make the gathering he invited to, I asked if he wanted to drop by and chat. Plus, there’s a coworker I’d hope to connect him with.

It got me thinking about how often speakers, authors, and other influencers “come to town” where you are. The campus alone likely draws folks. Churches might have special preachers or other speakers. Non-profits hold fundraisers with known “celebrities.” Even businesses might call on outside experts for various functions.

But how often would those people be willing to meet with some collegians?

I bet more than we think.

I asked my buddy to hang out even though I knew his schedule here in Dallas would be packed. And lo and behold, he’s got some time, he’s excited to maximize his time here, and I get to connect two folks who need to know each other.

I know most folks “coming into town” won’t know you personally. But they’re still people, and maybe a student or two would be impacted by a connection.

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