what if you dared to ask…?

Early October isn’t the normal time for a college ministry evaluation survey. Those questions tend to be asked at school year’s end, to tee up summertime tweaks, or possibly at the end of fall semester.

But wouldn’t you want to know where adjustments NOW could improve the rest of the school year? Would you dare to ask students questions like,

  • What one word would you use to describe our college ministry? (Especially interesting from the freshmen…)
  • What themes have been taught so far this year? Write as many as you remember! (Maybe the scariest question of all.)
  • What’s the best thing about our college ministry these days?
  • What is God showing you these days? (A pattern here would be especially notable.)
  • If there was one thing worth changing NOW about our college ministry, what would it be?
  • How many people have you invited to the college ministry since the start of school?
  • What topics do you think our college ministry most needs to discuss this school year?
  • What do our campus and its students need that our college ministry could help provide?

Daring? Yeah, because no one likes the prospect of effort – effort to change – right as things are getting normalized. But every day that passes, the return on that investment gets smaller. But right now, making those changes could take this entire school year from “solid” to “phenomenal.”

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