the standing R&D focus group (a fridea)

A pretty simple idea this week, that could pay great dividends (and at least would keep you on your toes)…

What if you commissioned a diverse group of students simply to watch for campus trends, and then imagine ways those things could be addressed/implemented in the campus ministry?

For instance, a few might notice that Trump’s immigration efforts seems to be “trending” in campus conversations; that might translate into a special series on Christians + immigration.

Other students may call your attention to the newest social media app, leading the college ministry to get a channel on that new medium.

Or there may be a big cheating scandal on campus; this group would likely let you know about it before you’d know about it otherwise, allowing your ministry to think about winsome and timely responses.

Students probably already “tell you things,” but precision AND creativity AND urgency come from tasking someone with a job description. Plus, getting students occasionally in the same room to talk about this stuff could generate even more ideas.

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