next ten years

Most colleges on the semester system either got underway last week or do this week.

It’s thrilling.

What happens these next few days and weeks will be a turning point in many students’ lives, even though they won’t realize it.

But we know the power of college ministry.

So I hope you’re thinking about the next ten years as you recruit and welcome back and share the Gospel and plant seeds toward understanding the Gospel and even help students find college ministry opportunities that aren’t yours (because it’s a better fit).

I hope you’re thinking about those next ten years – and smiling! You get to impact those ten years!

Of course, I’m not saying that college ministry doesn’t change whole lifetimes. College ministry changes entire lifelong lives! Eternities even!

But ten years is more concrete, and it reminds us who care about college students that much depends on handing students off to a fantastic church, and sending them out with a very personal and very intimate walk with Christ, and sending them into great wisdom when it comes to dating and career and marriage and choosing their crowd.

Ten years (and a lifetime) of abundant life are yours to catalyze, as the Spirit works through this little (or big) college ministry you’ve built (or been called to lead in this season).

That’s exciting. A little weighty. But exciting.

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