the happy shepherding of asking for input

A recent project for work brought the opportunity to scour our body for a handful of talented individuals (in this case, who have analytics skills or experience), simply to ask for input on the project. It was awesome for me – and encouraging for them.

This is akin to the old disciplemaking standby of “taking them along with you” – bringing the person you’re discipling along as you teach, do meetings, etc. What if most of your college ministry’s planning and most of your decisions included students in the process? Even times you have a good guess about what you’ll end up deciding?

Whether by email reach-out or actually bringing students to the brainstorming session (or hosting a special student-only brainstorming session before your staff makes the final calls), it can all benefit the students. Of course, you might also pull some students in for the final call, or have student leaders who function pretty much as staff members anyway. But this idea involves looping in others who will be encouraged – and benefitted – by being looped in.

Of course, unless you’re super-arrogant, it’s likely to benefit your college ministry too (and not just the students). Because ideas can come from anywhere.

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