champion! (a fridea)

This week’s Fridea is an idea from the past, but it’s a goodie – especially as I’ve mentioned ways to use Seniors this week, and as you’ve got room to add some student leaders to your roster for the coming fall.

One intriguing model for promoting service opportunities and “causes” is something we use at the church that employs me.

Our system relies heavily on having a “point person” for each of our 20 ministry partners. So for the homeless ministry we connect with, there’s a point person. For the refugees ministry, there’s a point person. For the mentoring program, there are a couple of point people.

Ideally, the Point Person:

  • Champions the cause to others in our church
  • Helps strategize our involvement
  • And helps shepherd volunteers

Couldn’t student leaders (or adult volunteers) function that way within a collegiate ministry? Instead of the college minister OR a dedicated “Service Team” handling all the outreach… what if each ministry outlet was “handled” by a champion? (Of course, you might choose those ministries in the ways I’ve outlined here and here.)

And that means you’d have the opportunity to “let loose” a few students who have proven themselves and invested in the ministry. It may be that you’d even select a few seniors and offer them this chance – to find an organization or a cause, vet it, explain to staff why it’s a “win” for the college ministry, and then spend a semester or school year promoting it within your ministry.

Would it mean students might appear to “compete” a little, as they recruit other students to their cause? Perhaps… but as long as they’re first and foremost Kingdom-minded and excited about their peers serving somehow, a group of students each rallying can be good for your climate of service overall.

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