at the top of the evaluation whiteboard

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week – that conference ate my lunch more than expected.

For today’s Fridea, as the school year comes to a close, I want to offer a very simple way to make a debrief with your staff and main leaders all the more productive. (You will hold a debrief in the next week or two, won’t you?)

Before you contemplate what you’ll Stop / Change / Keep / Start, I urge you to put your WHYs, your ministry purposes, at the top of the whiteboard or the head of the table.

Because that’s where they belong.

Just as our planning (deciding the WHATs) should never begin without radical clarity on the goals for the semester, evaluation should never start without reminding ourselves of those same WHYs. (Without a bull’s-eye, how can you…?)

You may realize that presumed wins… didn’t quite hit an actual target, regardless of how fondly they’re remembered by you or students. And some less exciting or barely-remembered activities may in fact have stayed true to the goals (even if changes could make them both more interesting and more effective).

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