discipleship includes exposure

Yesterday I wrote about the college minister’s role in discipling students so they’ll disciple themselves well. Alongside teaching spiritual disciplines – or, now that I think about it, included in the “spiritual discipline” category – is exposing students to authors/speakers/works/concepts that they can explore on their own.

This week our pastor brought in Dr. Jerry Root, a renowned C. S. Lewis scholar, to speak to our staff. And even though the entirety was fantastic, what was great was our pastor’s stated goal of the time with Dr. Root: to help us thirst to learn more about (and from) C. S. Lewis.

Not all of us on our church’s staff will be discipled by C. S. Lewis, but some of us should be. Others should be impacted by other authors of old (or current people). Others may need to know that Spirit of the Disciplines exists, or that there’s a whole line of study in the area of vocational discipleship. And on and on, the theologies and personalities that could be vital parts of our testimonies for the next months or next decade.

That’s part of the job of a shepherd – to hand off a disciplee to other trusted mentors. And that’s what happens when we lend a book or present a field of study previously unknown.

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