trade those leaders (a fridea)

What if you traded student leaders with another college ministry?

That’s this week’s very straightforward Fridea.

This could happen for an evening of your Large Group Meeting (complete with helping you set up and any pre-meeting prayer or prep), during a Student Leader Meeting, for a special event (again, with that adopted leader in the trenches of “running it” with you), or even (if you’re especially brave) in small groups somehow. (Or maybe you can just combine a couple of small groups between ministries for a week? But that’s a Fridea for another week.)

There’s all kinds of value in collaborating with your school’s other college ministers – hopefully you’re well aware of that. But there’s similar value in your student leaders seeing how other campus ministries fulfill the task. Plus for the students, there’s an even greater impact on their unity with other believers, future creativity for your ministry, and a greater understanding of God’s multi-faceted work.

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