march is a beautiful college ministry month

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted these March-specific thoughts. Why not make a special push this month?

Here’s why March helps all of us make the case for the value of college ministry – are you using it to make the case for yours, among funders, overseers, potential volunteers, parents, and other supporters?

1. Spring Break provides great examples of both the worst and the best of college life. Nationwide, most Spring Break weeks fall within the month of March. And Spring Break revelry is already quite famous as a picture of the darkness sometimes found on the college scene, right? That means we have a chance to point to a picture they already have, and remind them of the solution we can help offer.

But there’s much more to the Spring Break story, and we can tell that one, too. Spring Break is a BIG time for major missions and service work within college ministry (even, on occasion, encountering the very darkness described above). So March provides an opportunity to tell those stories, too. Even more “secular” activities can show the awesome side of college: like Alternative Spring Break.

So the existence of Spring Break means March provides an amazing opportunity to tell the story of the impact of campus ministry… as well as exposing the darkness that is a real part of the college world.

2. …and Summer approaches!

Much of what I said above applies to summertime, too – especially the great and awesome things students get to participate in. And March is often the time those same students (and sometimes their leaders) need to raise funds and raise up prayer partners for those adventures.

But the summer months are also a time when college (and college ministry) can fade from people’s minds. An injection of awareness each year in March wouldn’t hurt… and would likely carry through somewhat until things get going again in August or September.

3. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. I realize if you’re not a sports fan, this might not seem like a big deal. But I would argue that “March Madness” truly does provide an opportunity no other season does. Even non-sports fans are at least aware this exists – and tying into something that already has awareness is an excellent PR move.

You could be the one starting a bracket competition in your church. You could be the one to contact your denomination’s news service, encouraging them to highlight college ministries at some of the “Final Four” schools (I’ve done this before!). And so on.

What do you think? Might March make for a great College Ministry Month?

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