data on your mission field

Last week I wrote a post about the kind of “boring data,” about your ministry’s students, that can be oh so valuable for shepherding the flock of God among you.

But another type of data is both more readily available and just as valuable to your college ministry: details about your mission field, the campus(es) you serve.

It’s already there. Someone on your campus (or possibly from outside your campus) has already been paid to learn all sorts of interesting things about the Crimson Tide tribe or Tarheel tribe or whatever tribe you serve. Hopefully this sort of data is something you made use of, just like a church planter, before you came to campus. But whether you did or didn’t, it’s something you’ll want to refresh yourself on regularly – and share with your staff, volunteers, and student leaders on a regular basis.

A once-a-year rhythm of reminder/reexamination seems like a good starting place here, especially since it’s relatively easy to find students who can help in this endeavor – and even some who would love poring over the data.

Few campus ministers would doubt they should know about their campus. This is one very practical – and much more objective that most – means of doing just that.

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