career dreams bigger than the oscars

Every time I watch the Academy Awards, I find myself thrilled by the excellence being displayed and awarded (last-award flubs notwithstanding). However out-of-sync believers may feel the big bad “Hollywood” is when it comes to our worldview, it’s hard to deny that there were masters on that stage last night, who know how to produce and evoke and amaze and encourage.

(Almost?) every single student in your ministry is on a career path right now. Not all will stay on their present path over the next decade or next year, but college still is a collection of those who are thinking about career and contribution.

So what role are you playing in building big dreams about that contribution? In the world of college ministry, this clearly hasn’t been our strength – intentionally focusing on the opportunities before them within the world of work.

Will you raise up students who are more likely to be “on stage,” well-respected in their field because of your shepherding during these formative years? Is your campus ministry making them better scientists, better architects, even whatever the “Oscar winners” are for the world of sociology or accounting or health care? (And film, too, while we’re at it…)

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