a simple “viewing Christianly” exercise

How well have you taught your students to think Christianly about “everyday” things, like the media they consume?

If you’ve got some students (as a result of your leading or otherwise) who are thoughtful about music, the latest Netflix series, movies, etc., could they take that thoughtfulness a step further by writing reviews for your ministry? (Or could you combo with other college ministries to produce this?) (Or could these reviews come in the form of videos, or within a special portion of your Large Group Meeting?) (And could these reviews ever impact the campus as a whole, through the student newspaper or via other means?)

The increasing options for “binge-worthy” shows on a variety of TV platforms has led to new prominence for this category, and (depending on your campus) this may be a primary media mode for your students. But anything from music (of course) to internet sites can be reviewed.

A “Christian review” of such subject matter can mean a lot of things. It certainly doesn’t only mean a “content review,” though Christian thoughtfulness has to brought to bear here. But getting students wrestling with not only what should be watched but also how to watch – including the deeper spiritual themes (whether pro-Christ or anti-) – is an enormous discipleship win. And if you have students whose callings – to the Arts or to Communications or to other relevant careers – make this a particular fitting task for them, then this is vocational discipleship they really shouldn’t miss during their time in your college ministry.

(If you need a place to start and good examples for your students, look at the work of Alissa Wilkinson.)

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