psalm 1:1 and students’ immersive mission

College ministry is one of the easiest platforms for teaching missional living – at least on a residential campus – because students have been pre-immersed in “life on life” with all sorts of people. And this takes place to a degree they’ll never see again – even apartment living has nothing on the missional opportunity of dorm living, class sitting, and college club participating.

And yet as college ministers teach this kind of living – and I hope you do – there’s a balance shouted at us from Psalm 1:1:

“Blessed is the man” who doesn’t play too deeply in the counsel/way/seat of wicked/sinners/scoffers.

How are you training students to be in this world but not “of this world”? Because training in missional living without training in the Lord’s law-leading (Psalm 1:2) is incomplete.

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