the vitamins that energize (a fridea)

An oldie but a goodie, this time about energizing yourself, O college minister…

Here’s something great to ponder as your semester starts to even out, and it’s something I’m learning myself.

It’s valuable for you to determine the resources, activities, focuses, or particular conversations that especially energize you. What fuels you for the (many) other tasks of ministry?

For me, I’m particularly strengthened for my work by reading – books on business strategy or “operations” or even applicable social psychology light my fire especially well.

(Of course, our most vital fuel is our time with the Lord. This whole post is written with the assumption that we’re prioritizing that first.)

When my schedule is consistently full, day after day, I can easily go weeks without taking those “enjoyable vitamins,” as it were. And yet in the midst of that everydayness, I can easily start feeling drained. So it’s a good discipline for me to carve out time – even when there “isn’t time” – to let God energize me through those things. He wired me to be energized this way, and while I always need to be willing to be stretched and to lay aside my personality as He sees fit, it also makes sense to determine what most invigorates me… and to take those vitamins when I can.

Again, for you that could be movies or particular conversations or a retreat to the mountains or a night of board games. It could be seeing how another ministry “does its thing” or prayer walking the campus or teaching a class to someone other than college students. I may be ministry-ish; it may not be. But it’s energizing for your ministry “day job.”

If you haven’t pondered WHAT those vitamins are, you should.

And if you have, why don’t you figure out a way to make accessing them easy? That could mean…

  • Putting those resources or reminders of those resources in your eye-line at work
  • Scheduling time to “take your vitamins” on your calendar
  • Setting an alarm to remind you to participate in those activities if you haven’t already, by a certain point each week
  • Getting people to hold you accountable on this
  • Scheduling some “time away” every once in awhile

…or whatever works best for you!

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