seeing your shadow

Because I’m always in brainstorming mode, seeing – for instance – the Punxsutawney Phil / Groundhog Day festivities this morning got me thinking.

One small Pennsylvania town has built a once-a-year media circus around a groundhog, enough so that Today Show viewers around the U.S. spent at least one valuable TV-minute watching the festivities this morning. And you know what, it was fun! (Especially for Al Roker.)

What sort of sophomoric festivity is your campus missing? And more importantly, how has your college ministry added to the fun and festivities of your school?

It’s all well and good for the shadow you cast – pun intended – to be one of moral differentiation and dramatic life-change. I hope your college ministry is known for both those things. But as citizens of the campus – proud members of a tribe of mostly 18-23-year-olds – I also hope you’ve cast a shadow of fun.

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