now’s the time to brainstorm new roles

While paid staff tends to be tied to fiscal issues and fiscal calendar, volunteer roles… aren’t.

This calls for brainstorming.

What might happen if you pulled together your present leaders – or even a bigger cross-section of your college ministry – to brainstorm a few completely new leadership roles for the next school year?

As I’ve said (on occasion), I feel like college ministries are far too similar to each other, at least in light of the wide diversity of the campuses actually served. This is one way to break that up – to let the student leadership spectrum evolve past simply consisting of small group leaders, Large Group setup team, Events team, Evangelism team, and the other mostly standard roles. These may be pillars and perfectly required. But your context probably asks for more. (And some students who haven’t quite found their exhilarating fit will benefit too.)

What innovative new leadership roles might come your way?

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