fair-style (a fridea)

Your campus probably holds an organization fair at the beginning of each school year. If you’re at a Christian campus (or even just a southern school!), it might offer a ministry fair or a church fair, too.

But it goes without saying that much of what’s accomplished at these fairs could be handled online, or through a hard-copy leaflet or booklet. Sure, people couldn’t ask questions, but they could at least get the lay of the land – without nearly as much work by the organizations and the organizers.

But even if this version would be “technically” close, we know it’s not the same. Not at all. Visual and interactive and even a little chaotic are all adjectives that matter for getting people involved and getting excited.

So I’m led down that path to this week’s Fridea-style question: What parts of your ministry could you make more visual and more interactive?

This calls for creativity, but the jumping-off point is easy: Anything you presently put in print, put online, or simply “announce” (in a boring way) is worth considering. Imagine what it would look like to do the following more interactively:

  • Advertising: What if, besides your usual fliers, etc., you created “walking billboards” with students?
  • Small groups: What if leaders held a “small group fair” occasionally, inviting newbies into their groups with “booths” sharing each group’s focus and details?
  • Application questions you’ve been handing out or emailing after each Large Group Meeting: What if students discussed these in groups before they left for the night? Or what if you held a mid-week “lunch chat” to go deeper on the topic?
  • Weekly announcements (paper or spoken): What you’ve been putting on a flier or sharing as quickly as possible could easily be verbalized in really fun ways… or sometimes even done through “booths” in the back (depending on what you’re announcing).

I’m spit-balling here, because each ministry is different (and uses handouts, the web, and announcements differently). But the point is clear: imagine how your non-interactive “materials” could become just a little more… chaotic. You might just land on something awesome.

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