student leader upgrade #8: thought work

Continuing the Student Leader Upgrades series…

Have you ever assigned your student leaders an academic undertaking?

Here they are, in an educational environment, and yet by and large our collegiate ministry efforts don’t present a faith that seems quite as relevant to the skills and efforts required in that world. And while every college ministry chooses its focuses (and a particularly academic approach certainly isn’t for all of them), student leaders in particular could still be called on to exercise their little gray cells in regards to Jesus.

What if you asked various student leaders (or at least upperclassman leaders) to research either

  1. A biblical topic that comes up enough in your ministry that it would be helpful to have a blog or article about it, OR
  2. A ministry topic that would help your college ministry improve

#1 could also be along the lines of what we discussed yesterday – researching one of your ministry’s pillars and writing a sort of “knowledge base article” on the topic. C.S. Lewis and others have wisely noted that putting something down on paper proves (or disproves) our understanding.

In #2, this could include contacting other ministries to interview college ministers – or other activities that would be incredibly valuable but require time that’s sometimes hard to find.

But those are just a couple of thoughts; there’s a world of possibilities for this. But it’s an excellent discipleship measure, an upgrade for any of your student leaders, and a potentially large upgrade for your ministry.

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