student leaders upgrade #6: some stretching community

Continuing the Student Leader Upgrades series…

In the world of ministry – and not just college ministry – there’s often no better way to ensure that solid believers lose their biggest opportunity to be stretched and continue to grow: Make them leaders!

It’s a caution for student leaders, though, and it’s worth asking: Do your leaders have access to community that still stretches, challenges, and grows them? Do they have people who will actually hold them accountable, both morally and ministerially?

Hopefully your student leaders (even those leading small groups) find their community experience to be exactly what they need (and all they need). But all in all, it seems that’s probably rare. It can be lonely when you’re the most committed, most mature, and most intentional one in your groups – even if you have the best possible mindset and humility about it.

So how do you fill this lack? Well, that’s probably your call (for your context) more than mine. You could decide that your community groups need to be more intentional, including with their own leaders/facilitators AND with other student leaders within them. You might put co-leaders in place who can play some of that role. You could decide that – at least partially – leaders need to play that role with each other, gathering in additional gatherings just for this purpose. Or you might feel that staff needs to push this challenging community forward themselves, holding one-on-one meetings or small group meetings that do more than just chat about how the ministry is proceeding.

Whatever the case, the point is examining any needed upgrades. What do you need to improve here?

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