student leader upgrade #4: love thy campus

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If there’s anybody who needs to be forever-growing in their knowledge of and love for their campus, it’s your student leaders.

And if there’s anyone who’s more in danger of aloofness from the campus as a whole (now that they’re invested so deeply in your awesome campus ministry), it’s your student leaders.

I was heavily impacted by college ministers on my yearlong road trip who described a missional wariness towards models that called students completely out of their contexts in order to serve the “higher good” within a college ministry. I would argue that students need to be pointed “back” to their campus and should learn to love it more and more, becoming indigenous leaders in reaching their tribe without losing the “indigenous” part.

This means, too, that you might lose some student leaders next year, because they’ve decided to invest in ways other than leading here: They’ve joined the Mock Trial Team to get around non-believers, or they’re running for Student Government because they can impact best there, or they believe they should spend as much time as possible connecting with dorm-mates whom they have one last year with.

Trust God for more leaders, but teach your present ones to fall in love with their campus.

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