student leader upgrade #3: everything discipleship

Do your student leaders see that the point of their function is discipleship?

Just like us older ministers, your students are liable to think of the program as just the program. They’re helping set up for Thursday nights or they’re organizing social events or they’re faithfully facilitating small group discussion. But they may not recognize that the main goal is disciplemaking (yes, even in that last role I mentioned).

If you can overlay the lens of discipleship on every function your leaders perform, it will change everything. And that includes not only impacting others through their “main assignment,” but also discipling the “incidental” students they rub shoulders with in that effort.

So someone setting up Large Group Meeting should understand their role in the discipleship that takes place that night. They should also perform their role in ways that maximize discipleship. But they should also personally look for opportunities to build relationship with and impact the sound guy, the gal who clicks through the slides, the chair setup crew, etc. – anyone on their ministry team. When discipleship is the focus, then primary and secondary avenues will present themselves.

Do your student leaders see themselves as primarily disciplers? How does this manifest itself?

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