student leader #2: delegation challenge

How many of your student leaders have the chance to delegate tasks to other students?

We’re not talking about creating little tyrants, or getting students mired in arrogance. But delegation doesn’t have to lead to those things, does it? And I know – even in my own life – delegation is a skill that would have been great to learn early on.he question is, are there activities your current student leaders do that could be handed over to other students – potential future leaders, or just students who have been part of the group but haven’t taken ownership like they could have?

This doesn’t only apply to ministry team student leaders either (like someone leading large group set up or an outreach to the athletic teams). It could just as easily apply to small group leaders – who need to plan get-togethers, might love a “prayer champion” for the group, or could use help leading discussion on occasion.

But the point is not what help is needed, as much as what opportunities exist for additional students to take ownership in your college ministry. Meanwhile, pushing this skill will take your present student leaders to the next level, because this will (rightly) help them see themselves as college ministers and leaders of people – not simply leaders of activities, which student leaders can often become by default. And of course, this is a phenomenal way to start raising up your next round of leaders.

It could be a challenge to figure this out. I bet you’re up to it.

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