a delegator’s checklist (it’s already made)

My guess is you’ve got some sort of to-do list. It might be formal, it might be in your phone, it might be on a Post-it stuck to the top of your laptop (that’s what I’ve been doing recently). Or you’ve probably at least got a calendar, which will suffice for this.

A very concrete way to think about delegating to students is to take your to-do lists – ones from a few weeks ago work even better than current ones – and force yourself to imagine delegating those tasks.

  • Which of those items could easily have been done by a student?
  • Which of those items could have been done by a trained student who did that same task each time?
  • For the other tasks, if you were forced to delegate them (like if you got sick), why would you do? (This is a thinking exercise, so come up with something – even if you have to get creative.)

The college minister’s existence should include perpetual brainstorming about delegation, both to train up students and to manage your own time well. Looking at real tasks you’re doing or have already done will likely show you some new possibilities for students to take ownership in their college ministry.

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